Believing the Best for 2016


Around the corner we get another 365 days to turn it all around. Another year to go higher and deeper with the Lord and into His kingdom. Another round of becoming a better and wiser person than the year before. A new year is a new opportunity to shed more …

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Celebrate the New!


It’s over already? Most people are either relieved or a little bummed that Christmas came and went. In either case there are still a variety of ways to stay in the holiday spirit or to relax from all the festivities. Be safe, and enjoy the last few days of 2015, …

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The Hardened Heart

hardened heart image

It’s probably happened to all of us at some point in our lives- maybe we are carrying around some unresolved anger, disappointment, heartache, or pain that has caused us to build a brick wall around our hearts keeping everyone and everything on the other side. Preventing us from being in …

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Salvation Army Angel


It’s a season about a baby.   Lights and festivities. Gifts and bows. Heartache and Holiness. Family and food. Santa and wise men. It’s Christmas Folks. During this season and honestly most holidays especially, I wonder and wonder if Jesus himself is going to show up dressed as a stranger or …

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